BA Sustainability

BA Sustainability

BA Sustainability


Hereby, you are joyously informed that Loyola Campus now offers Bachelors in Sustainable Development with the collaboration of Jesuit Worldwide Learning and well-renowned universities like Regis University of the USA and St. Xavier University of India. As the admission for January 2022 starts classes for CLS +BA SD and direct BA SD begin, the application form is available through



·  Being 100% blended learning, students will be adeptly facilitated and guided by the experts of the field both online and onsite.

·  Given that Sustainability and related studies are the matters of the moment and the talking points that are eminent among the global nations and millennials, on the completion of the course, students will have a great deal of opportunities to make changes, both in their career and in the world at large.

·  Being offered by the noteworthy Universities like Regis University, America and St. Xavier University, India, particularly  for free of charge, escalates the quality and the intensity of this course.

·  No special and novel qualifications and requirements are required rather than the rational requirements required for a local degree.

In case you were wondering for more details kindly contact us.


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