About Us

Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka envisions a society educated, empowered and transformed though it might be a challenging task. To educate a child in a classroom is relatively easy and it does not take much effort and time. But to conceptualise an education that combines both the inculcation of fundamental skill-sets in students that will make them more relevant and transform them into agents of change and justice will be quite an uphill task.

Nevertheless, Loyola Campus together with its partner Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) hopes to realise this dream. From a humble beginning in June 2017, for the almost last year, the Institute strengthened its capacity in journeying with the youth who are at times most vulnerable in our societies today. Although Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka has not been able to develop the Centres in terms of the infrastructure, a community of learners bound by a common learning experience and journey has come alive. It is not merely a Loyola Campus community or a group but a group of individuals who are in search of something greater and much more challenging.

During this short span of operation Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka has been able to obtain the institutional registration for its Centre in Vavuniya and Mannar from the Tertiary Vocation Education Commission of Sri Lanka. While Vavuniya Centre received its Centre registration in 2017, Mannar Centre was registered in May 2018. They are currently registered as TVEC Training Centres and are authorized to issue a number of certificate courses. The next step in this line would be to obtain the course accreditation under the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) scheme.

Loyola Campus- Sri Lanka hopes to break into new pathways with the community of learners who are passionate about contributing and changing their own lives and the world.