Role Play Activity 01

Uncle Angelo : Hello children! How are you?

Mithini :Hello uncle! We are fine, thanks.

Ishini :Uncle, you seem to have changed.

Uncle Angelo :Really? How?

Mithini :You don't have your beard anymore. What happened?

Uncle Angelo :I decided to shave it off. Ishini, you have changed, too. Younow have long, wavy hair. It looks very nice.

Ishini :Thank you, uncle, but I like straight hair like Mithini's.

Mithini :But, I don't like my hair. I wish I had wavy hair like yours.

Uncle Angelo :Why not, Mithini? You have beautiful, straight, black hair. (Mithini picks up a photograph from the coffee table.)

Mithini :Who is this gentleman,uncle?

Uncle Angelo :He is my new boss, Mr.Ravi Rajan.

Mithini :He is very tall and fair in complexion, isn't he?

Uncle Angelo :Yes, he is about 180 centimetres in height.

Ishini :He looks to be middle-aged and well built.

Mithini :Look, he has a beard like you did and his hair looks very
thick and black.

Uncle Angelo :That's right. And he has a pointed nose and sharp eyes
which makes him look very pleasant. Although he is
my boss, he is a very nice man.

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