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  1. Read the descriptions on sources of information and say whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). A magazine contains articles on different topics. □ Browsing the web is […]
  2. Reading Study the pictures given above and read the descriptions that accompany them. Next match each description with a sub heading. Description Sub heading Encyclopaedias Online Library Catalogues Websites Newspapers Books […]
  3. Sources of Information   An information source is anything that might inform a person about something or provide knowledge of it. Information can come from different sources such as people, […]
  4. Speaking Ask these riddles from your friends.   Why won’t the elephant use the computer? Where can you find an ocean without water? Why did the computer go to the […]
  5. Group work   Collect jokes like these and prepare a booklet. Share them with your friends.  
  6. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the word in the brackets correctly. The old lady crossed the road (careful) The man waited for the bus ( impatient) These […]
  7. Underline the adverbs in these sentences. Open the door very slowly and quietly. My little brother is splashing water in the pool noisily. Can you come here quickly? We sometimes […]
  8. Change these words into adverbs. E.g. honest – honestly E.g. successful – successfully happy - painful - sad - wonderful - safe - colourful - glad - skillful - glear […]
  9.   Exclamation Mark ( ! ) Randuli : Good morning! Tashmi : Good morning Randuli ! Did you go to the park after the shramadana? Randuli : No, I didn't have time. Shall […]
  10. Design a banner to be put up at the tank bund to inform the public about the Shramadana and the public awareness campaign organized by the Municipal Council in response […]