10 English

Activity 08


Exclamation Mark ( ! )

Randuli : Good morning!

Tashmi : Good morning Randuli ! Did you go to the park after the shramadana?

Randuli : No, I didn't have time. Shall we now?

Tashmi : O.K. I’d love to.

Nethum : Hello!

Tashmi : We are going to the park. Would you like to join us?

Nethum : No way! I never go there. The garbage pit!

Randuli : Not anymore! You didn’t join us in the Shramadana.

Nethum : Shramadana! I didn’t know about it. We were not here during the last three


Tashmi : Really? Then join us. Let’s go. ( Children walk to the park)

Nethum : Wonderful! I can’t believe my eyes!

Randuli : I am happy that we contributed to make the place clean and attractive, too.

Tashmi : Look! The garbage bins are kept over there. So it’s easy to maintain the cleanliness.

Nethum : Let’s go in. I want to go on a swing.

Tashme : Swing! No I can't. I’m afraid of that.



List out the utterances in the above conversation which end with exclamation mark ( ! ). Categorize them under the following topics.

  • greetings

  • expressing surprise

  • positive feelings



  • negative feelings

    Learning Point


    Read the following sentences.

    • Polythene bags have been thrown away carelessly.
    • We have worked very hard.
    • Place the date directly below the address.


  • The underlined words in these sentences describe the action. They are called adverbs.

    Come here

    immediately quickly



    You did the work





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