11 English

Activity 1

Act out

Vikum and Chamindu meet each other in the bus on their way to school.

Vikum - Good morning Chamindu! The bus is crowded today. Give me your school bag or would you rather sit here?
Chamindu - Good morning! Thank you Vikum. It’s not too far. Just keep my bag.
Vikum - Sure. By the way, did you manage to find facts for the debate next week?
Chamindu - Yes. I've planned to visit the local library too.
Vikum - We’ve got to propose the idea “Discipline cannot be achieved only through laws”.
Chamindu - Yes. I’ve read some articles about it. My sister also downloaded some articles from the internet. It’s quite an interesting topic, isn’t it?
Vikum - Of course! My mother says it’s a timely topic that all school children should be made aware of.
Chamindu - I think so too. Discipline cannot be imposed only through laws.
Vikum - Hmm… It will be an interesting debate.
Chamindu - There is an article on vandalism too in my sister’s collection of articles.
Vikum - What’s that? I’ve never heard that word before. Can you please repeat the word?
Chamindu - Van-da-lism. Let’s read my sister’s articles and discuss more at school.
Vikum - Oh! Here comes a pregnant mother. I’ll offer my seat to her.

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