10 English

Activity 01

A Day Out

Mrs. Fernando : Come on children, hurry up! We will be late if we don't
leave now!
Menuka : I'm almost ready. Need to get my hat.
Nimali : I'm ready!
Mr.Fernando : Let's go! The bus is here.
Mrs. Fernando : Children, it's time to go.
Bus Conductor : Hurry up, get on. We are already late.
( A few hours later at the railway station)
Menuka : Look at those trains. I want to have a closer look.
Mr.Fernando : Menuka, don't walk on other platforms.
Menuka : Why not? I want to.
Mrs. Fernando : Because it's dangerous.
Mr. Fernando : Sit down and wait for the train.
(Announcement: Attention please! This announcement is for all passengers
waiting for Podi Menike Express train to Kandy. Please go to platform No.01)
Mr. Fernando : Let's go. The train is there.
Niamli : I want a seat by the window.
Menuka : The train is going, hurrah!
Mrs.Fernando : Don't put your head out and watch your hand Menuka.


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