10 English

Activity 02

A Day Out

Mrs. Fernando : Come on children, hurry up! We will be late if we don't leave now!

Menuka : I'm almost ready. Need to get my hat. Nimali : I'm ready!

Mr.Fernando : Let's go! The bus is here. Mrs. Fernando : Children, it's time to go.

Bus Conductor : Hurry up, get on. We are already late. ( A few hours later at the railway station)

Menuka : Look at those trains. I want to have a closer look. Mr.Fernando : Menuka, don't walk on other platforms.

Menuka : Why not? I want to. Mrs. Fernando : Because it's dangerous.

Mr. Fernando : Sit down and wait for the train.

(Announcement: Attention please! This announcement is for all passengers waiting for Podi Menike Express train to Kandy. Please go to platform No.01) Mr. Fernando : Let's go. The train is there.

Niamli : I want a seat by the window. Menuka : The train is going, hurrah!

Mrs.Fernando : Don't put your head out and watch your hand Menuka.




Copy the phrases in bold into your writing book and fill in the table. Follow

the example.


Uttered by

Uttered to

Hurry up



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