10 English

Activity 10

Read the following conversation. Identify the function of the underlined phrases, expand and write them in your writing book. Follow the example.

A : I love to play cricket.
B : (1) So do I. Did you watch the cricket match between Sri Lanka and South
Africa last night?
A : No, (2)I didn't. I had some work to do at home.
B : Sri Lanka won the match, and I am so happy about thier performance.
A : Really?(3) So am I. By the way, have you done the homework?
B : No,(4) I haven't. I watched the match and didn't have time to do it.
A : Then, you must do it before the teacher comes.
B : Yes, (5)I have to.
e.g.: (1) So do I - I love to play cricket, too

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