10 English

Activity 09

Read the following text and answer the questions.

During the school vacation, I went on a trip with three of my friends to my
uncle's farm in Bandarawela. This is what I wrote in my diary about what we
saw on the farm.
It was a fine morning when we arrived in Round Hill Park. The surroundings of
the farm was beautiful. I took many photos with my new camera.
On arrival at the farm, we saw a herd of cattle grazing in the field. My uncle
came out to greet us and took all of us to the farm. There was a bunch of
ducks swimming in the stream which flows behind the farmhouse. We sat in the
garden and enjoyed a cup of tea.
There were different types of animals on the farm. We saw a brood of chicken
and a herd of goats in the backyard. There was a drove of pigs in the pigsty.

A kit of pigeons flew into the compound and we fed them. My uncle told us to
be careful as there was a beehive nearby. We saw a swarm of bees flying into
the beehive and we ran into the house for safety.
We had a wonderful lunch that had been prepared by my aunt. In the evening,
we returned to the hotel.


1) Who went on the trip?
2) What was the weather like that day?
3) How many different types of animals were there on the farm?
4) Why did the uncle tell the children to be careful of the bees?
5) Write a short description about a trip you went on recently.



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