10 English


Role Play

Sethun : Hi, what are you going to draw?
Shakthi : I am going to draw a monorail.
Ravindi : What is a monorail?
Shakthi : Can't you guess? Mono means single…
Ravindi : Ah! Got it. A train that travels along a single rail.
Shakthi : I will draw a tram....
Sethun : What is that?
Ravindi : I’ve seen one. Let me explain it to you. It’s a vehicle that runs on
Sethun : Really?
Ravindi : Yes, and they run on rails that are built on roads.
Sethun : Does that mean that trams run on the road with other vehicles
like buses and cars ?
Ravindi : Yes, you're right.
Sethun : That's exciting. Shakthi, I am sure that you will be an automobile
engineer one day.
Shakthi : Yes, it’s my ambition. What will you draw, Sethun?
Sethun : I will draw a picture of the Wright brothers and a modern
Ravindi : That’s great! I will draw a space shuttle.
Shakthi : Once I travelled in a space shuttle.
Sethun : Ah, when did you go to space?

Shakthi : No, I didn't go to space. There was a model space shuttle at a
carnival that I once went to and we could go inside the space
shuttle and have a look. I will go to space one day. I want to be
an astronaut...
Sethun : Look at what I have got! A magazine with beautiful pictures on
different modes of transport.
Ravindi : Can you name these?

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