10 English

Activity 04


Role play the dialogue.

At a hotel

Receptionist : Good morning sir, how can I help you?
Tourist : I am here to inquire if a room has been reserved for me?
Receptionist : Sir, may I know your name please?
Tourist : I’m Michael Stephens.
Receptionist : Let me see…( the register is being checked). A single room
for two nights?
Tourist : That’s right.
Receptionist : We have arranged refreshment in the lobby, sir.
Please follow me.
Tourist : Thank you. But I want to see the room first.
Receptionist : Sorry sir, it is being arranged at the moment. It will be
ready in five minutes.
Tourist : Oh, is it still being arranged? Then I’ll wait in the lobby.
Receptionist : Is there anything else that you need to know?
Tourist : No thank you. I hope everything is being attended to.
Receptionist : Sure. Enjoy your stay here, sir.
Tourist : Thank you.

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