10 English

Activity 08

Role Play

Rasuni : Hello, Venura you seem to be in a good mood today.
Venura : Yes, I am always happy.
Rasuni : How can you always be happy?
Venura : It’s simple. All I need is to see the good side of everything.
Rasuni : Aha, does it mean that you are optimistic?
Venura : Yes, I am, and you are a very outgoing person, but sometimes you
do get angry.(laughs)
Rasuni : Mmm, yes I do and that’s one of my weaknesses. I think that it's
because I'm oversensitive.
Venura : Well, we all have weaknesses. You see, there are times that I feel
very generous but sometimes I'm little concerned about it.
Rasuni : No, you're not. I remember the time you helped me with my project
when you hadn't even finished yours. That was very generous and
helpful of you.
Venura : Oh! Well, that's what friends are for.
Rasuni : Of course. You're right. We should all try to be kind, helpful,
generous and understand all those around us.



Fill in the following table using the details given in the dialogue.


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