10 English

Activity 01

Role Play

Arjun : Excuse me.
Bhanuka : Yes, what can I do for you?
Arjun : Can you please tell me where I can have a cup of tea?
Bhanuka : Sure, you can try Leaf Cafe.
Arjun : Leaf Cafe? Where is it?
Bhanuka : It is on First Cross Street.
Arjun : OK, how do I get there?
Bhanuka : This is Main Street.
Arjun : Mmm........Main Street, OK.
Bhanuka : Walk along this street, turn left to First Cross Street. Leaf Cafe
is the second building on your left. The first building is the
Arjun : Are there any other landmarks?
Bhanuka : Well, when you walk along this street, you will pass the National
Bank and the theatre on your right. Then, there is a
communication centre next to the cafe.
Arjun : Did you say that I will pass the National Bank and the theatre on
my right and the cafe is between the pharmacy and the
commucation centre?
Bhanuka : That’s right. You have got it.
Arjun : Thank you very much.
Bhanuka : My pleasure.


1) Draw a sketch of the following map in your exercise book and mark with
arrows the way Arjun should go to get to the cafe.

2) Label the buildings on the map that Arjun should pass on his way to the cafe.

3) Mark Leaf Cafe on your map.


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