10 English

Activity 11

Read the following description that Venura wrote about his best friend to the
class wall newspaper. Write a similar description of your best friend.


My Best Friend
I have many friends but Vishmika is the one I like most. We have known each
other since we were in grade six. He is a tall and fair boy with curly hair. He is
known to be cheerful, friendly and hardworking.
Vishmika is kind-hearted and is always willing to help others. Most of the time
he helps me with Mathematics and Science. Vishmika is an avid reader and
an interesting story-teller and his ambition is to become a writer. As he is very
creative, I think he can become a good writer one day. He is usually punctual,
but sometimes he is a little absent minded. As he is a good friend, I always
enjoy his company. I wish him all the best.
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