10 English

Activity 07

Role Play

Read aloud the following telephone conversation.


A : Hello, good afternoon! ABC Company. How
can I help you?
B : I’m Muralitharan from Galle. I am speaking
regarding the advertisement published in the
Sunday Star.
A : Please hold on. I’ll put you through to the HR
C : Hello, good afternoon! Can I help you?
B : Hello, I am speaking regarding the
advertisement published in the Sunday Star.
I’m interested in working for your company.
How can I get an appointment for an interview?
C : Sir, we maintain a database of the candidates and based on the
qualifications, we call for interviews. Would you like to submit your
details to the database?
B : Is it confidential?
C : Absolutely, sir. May I know your name?
B : Sivakumaran Muralitharan. M-u-r-a-l-i-t-h-a-r-a-n. I want to apply for
the post of Assistant Accountant.
C : Please tell me why you have decided to join our company.
B : ABC is a reputed company and my qualification match the requirements
given in the advertisement. If I am selected, I think I can be an asset to
the company given my qualifications and experience.
C : Can you please tell me the highest educational qualification you
B : I’m an undergraduate of the University of Ruhuna. This is my final year
in Bachelor of Commerce.
C : Sir, any professional qualifications ?
B : Well, I am following the Advanced Certificate in Accounting step 2. I
got through step 1 with two distinctions and one credit pass.
C : That’s fine sir. Can you please give me your contact number, e-mail
address and your permanent address?

B :You can contact me on 076- 2223346 and my e-mail is murali@tmail.com
C : Can you please spell it for me sir?
B : m-u-r-a-l-i @tmail.com. And my postal address is 34/5, Lake View,
C : Thank you sir. I have entered the details into the database. If you are
selected for an interview, we will let you know in advance. You are
expected to bring the originals of your certificates along with photocopies.
B : Thank you. I expect a favourable reply.
C : Thank you for calling, sir. Have a nice day!

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