10 English

Activity 11


Shakthi : Look, Shashika I have bought a new camera.
Shashika : Wow! It's so cool. How much did you pay for it?
Shakthi : It cost me an arm and a leg for it.
The underlined phrase is an idiom. It means that Shakthi's new camera was very
Find the meanings of the idioms in column A from column B.

A                                                                                                         B
● let the cat out of the bag                                      an unbelievable tale
● once in a blue moon                                               two or more people agree to something
● see eye to eye                                                           happens very rarely
● sit on the fence                                                         completely (in love)
● cock and bull story                                                  when someone doesn't want to choose
or make a decision
● head over heels                                                        to share information that was
previously concealed

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