10 English

Activity 14



Read aloud the groups of words given below paying special attention to the letters in red. Pick the words in which the letters in red are silent (not pronounced). Complete the grid “Silent Letters” given in the workbook. (Unit 4. Activity 10)

● castle, sachet, bright, soften, attitude, robot
● walk, yield, could, failure, solemn, behalf
● couple, pneumonia, cupboard, hypnotise, receipt
● honour, rehearsal, exhibition, behalf, halt
● knot, kite, knowledge, skate, risk, knife
● foreign, ignorance, campaign, guard, argument


Read aloud and enjoy!

Tongue twisters

● Greek grapes, Greek grapes, Greek grapes...
● There those thousand thinkers were thinking how the other three thieves
went through.
● Whatever the weather, whether it is hot or cold, we have to put up with the
weather, whether we like it or not.

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