10 English

Activity 05

Read the following presentation made by the two representatives from China
and complete the data sheet given at the end.


Ni Hao ( nĭ hǎo)! Hello, friends. I’m Ming
and this is my friend Yong. We are from the
People’s Republic of China, a country with
an ancient civilization and a great history.
Our traditional greeting is something like
this: (cupped hands; left over right at chest
height), but now we would mostly bow or
shake hands.
The people of our country are called the
Chinese and our inventions such as the compass, gunpowder, the art of papermaking
and block printing have contributed immensely to the progress of
mankind. China is the country with the largest population in the world. It is also
the second largest country in the world with a land area of 9,706,961 square
kilometres (km²). Beijing is the capital city of China. Now, my friend Yong will
show you some pictures of our country. Over to you Yong.
Thank you Ming. This is the national flag of our country which has five stars
in a red background. Mandarin Chinese is the official language of China and
here are some Chinese characters. Renminbi is the currency of China. We have
a fast growing economy as we export, import and manufacture many goods.
Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism are the major religions practised in our
country. Over to you from here Ming.
Thank you Yong. If you come to China, there are many things for you to see,
learn and enjoy. Look at these pictures. They are the main tourist attractions of
our country. This is the Great Wall of China. This is the Forbidden City, a world
heritage site that you can see in Beijing. You may have seen pictures of these
lovely animals. They are the giant Pandas, which are a threatened species.
Our government along with its people are taking many steps to protect this
endangered species. Yong, can you say something further about these tourist
Well, as Ming said, there are many tourist attractions in our country. Tourists
can learn many different things here in China. We, the Chinese, are good at
many things. One of them is the art of self-defence i.e., martial arts like Kung
Fu and Wushu. Kung Fu originated in the Shaolin temples. Chinese circuses
and chinaware are also famous all over the world.
If I told you that this is the end of our presentation, you might think that this is
all we have to say about China. It is obvious that this single presentation done
by the two of us will not cover everything about a great country like China.
With that we conclude our presentation on China. Thank you! xiè xiè!*
* xiè xiè (syeh syeh) – the Chinese way of saying “Thank you”.

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